Randers Engineers and Constructors, Inc is structured to provide sound and comprehensive Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) services to its industrial, commercial, governmental clients, and private clients.  Randers can provide these services through a variety of contract approaches including:

Lump Sum
Cost Plus Fixed Fee
Cost Plus Percentage FeeGuaranteed Maximum Price
Cost Plus Fee with Shared Savings
Cost Plus Guaranteed Maximum Price
Combination Contracts

Project Implementation Approaches

• EPC Contractor (Design/ Build)
• General Contractor
• Construction Manager
• Project Manager
• Design

Engineering Services

  1. Engineering

  2. Architectural

  3. Safety Management





Program Management

  1. Engineering and Design

  2. Project Management

  3. Construction Management

  4. Milestone scheduling and interfacing of bidding, procurement, expediting, cost control, quality assurance, job safety and commissioning.

  5. Project status reports covering cost, schedule, safety, and quality control

  6. Equipment and material procurement

  7. Review, check, approval documents control

Procurement Services

  1. Bidder Qualification

  2. Solicitation of competitive qualified bids or quotations

  3. Bid evaluation and purchase recommendations

  4. Equipment Purchase Orders

  5. Definition of Bid Package scope of work to optimize the matching of work portions to subcontractor capabilities

  6. Contract Negotiations

  7. Subcontract Agreements

Construction Services

  1. Construction Manager and Support Staff

  2. Establishment of a construction management field office

  3. Field Engineering

  4. Construction superintendent(s) reporting to the construction

  5. Manager overseeing field activity

  6. Field Receiving and Warehousing

  7. Work Scheduling and Interfacing

  8. Field Order/ Change Order Processing

  9. Field Safety

Quality Assurance

  1. Work certification to design standards with technical staff overview and reports

  2. Periodic labor efficiency measurement and spot testing

  3. Document control and distribution

  4. Project coordination with Owner, Engineer, Vendors, and Subcontractors

  5. Value Engineering and Analysis

  6. Monthly Project Status Report to accompany cost reviews

Project Cost Control and Scheduling

  1. Milestone Schedule

  2. Computer processed pay books for subcontractor and vendor payments

  3. Project cost control, budgeting, accounting, and financial review documents

  4. Coordination of insurance, bonding, and waivers of lien

  5. Short-term scheduling and interfacing against project milestones

Safety Programs

  1. Safety indoctrination by Construction Manager of Owner’s rules prior to contract/ vendor access to site

  2. Periodic testing and refresher sessions

  3. Safety information manuals prepared especially for the project on an OSHA, MSDA, and First Aid Response program

  4. Coordination of Contractor training for the Owners’ emergency evacuation/ fire fighting response programs

  5. Weekly review meetings on-site with Construction Manager and subcontractors

  6. Complete accident report and lost time accounting by Construction Manager as part of the monthly status report